Sunday, April 27, 2014


And with that tile I've pretty much given you a complete rundown on the reason Clippers owners Donald Sterling is upset that his girlfriend, a mixed race (black and Latina) woman is being seen publicly with Magic Johnson and other blacks. She even puts pictures of them on her Instagram. She has even been seen with them at Clipper's games. What's going on here?

Donald Sterling (a man I have never heard of, like most normal Americans-because we don't give a shit), wants you to think he is a strong, great, viral man, and his trophy girlfriend is supposed to be evidence to that effect. Look at them in this Sterling approved PR photo.

You're supposed to wish you could be like this man. You're not supposed to be tittering and laughing at him behind his back because his girlfriend is openly advertising the fact that she needs to get her sexual pleasure from another man. Especially a black man. 

She might as well say "Donald Sterling has a little dick and he wouldn't have satisfied me when I was eight, let alone now HAW HAW HAW HAW."

In fact, if you listen to the audio on the TMZ site, he pretty much gives her permission to fuck Magic Johnson or anybody else she wants to fuck, black or white. Just for God's sake, don't act like it in public.

Having said all that, I have to admit to disappointment and some outrage at this blatant invasion of privacy. But with these kinds of people, that goes with the territory. Lie down with dogs, and all that.

Still, as hard as it is to feel sorry for Donald Sterling, his idiot girlfriend, or his wife (who despite what she has said publicly is no doubt happy as hell that this has all come out, and who may have been instrumental in getting this story to TMZ), and granted that he is a public figure, still this was a private conversation between two adults in the presumed privacy of their own home.

No one that I know of has yet addressed this fact, and moreover, no one will to any real effect. And that's a bad sign for us, for our society, and for the ever-encroaching presence of the media within our lives, for whom nothing is sacred except their presumed right to know and tell everything about anybody and everybody, especially anybody that has fallen out of their favor or who can add to their profit margins.

If this had been a private couple of no particular standing or notoriety, we would be talking about 1984. Yet, as incidents like this become more and more commonplace, we can surely see that that fabled year is not that far into the future.