Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fuck Ya, Thievin' Dick

Cos Im blogging here anyway. What'cha think of dat, cocksucking motherfucker. Prolly just another far left prick, but guess what? I dont really give a fuck as my blogging days are just about behind me anyway. If I do go back to it it will prolly be with a blogging service that actually has the ability to protect my accounts, which seems rmto be beyond Bloggers ability. Anyway, go choke on a big ol' cock.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Well I can still access this blog on my android but not my computer. Interesting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Okay, this is basically a test of MT android blogger app. If it does good, then I will use it. If it doesn't do worth a fuck, well then I wont. We'll see. Its also a pic of Britney Spears showing her cunt.

Saturday, June 21, 2014








The country deserves better than being led, by the nose as it were, by the likes of Hillary Clinton.


I don't know if the defendant at the center of the child rape allegations was guilty or not. But I am reasonably sure that Hillary Clinton's savaging of the alleged child victim in defense of the accused was based on a turning of the political winds. Had this case happened two or three years earlier, Clinton would have probably savaged the defendant, because, well, that would have been the politically correct thing to do at that time. Later, after a series of allegations that were proven to be false, even manipulated by zealous social workers, people started to become understandably wary of such accusations.

Neither stance is correct. Both the accused and the accuser deserve their day in court. If the accuser is lying, then there's that. But if that is not the case, the accuser deserves sympathy, and even more than that, respect-especially if it's a child.

Whatever the case, the situation should be decided on the facts and the evidence, not the prevailing political or social mood at the time.

The really sad thing? Clinton didn't act that much differently than how most other politicians would have acted-though most of them would have hopefully displayed just a little more tact.

H/T Andrew Klaven 


Courtesy of The Fault In Our Stars


As cute as these kittens are, bear in mind that they are probably scared to death at the person taking the picture. Just look at them closely. Having said that, this is one of my all-time favorite pics.



Poor girl. But she probably had a better life than most of us. And there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

Think about this. They have to live in this fucking world we have made.


My sympathies to the family.


You don't have to be a dog or animal lover to love this story. But it might well turn you into one.

A dog has cataracts removed from his eyes, enabling to see his human famly for the first time in years. His reaction-his absolute joy and the obvious love he feels for them-is astounding.

To anybody who says animals have no feelings, no emotions, and can't feel love (hello religious freaks)-

I got a fucking dick you can bite!


Courtesy of Amazing Tattoos


Courtesy of The Lush Life



Whad'ya think a THAT? TOUGH GUY!!

Monday, June 2, 2014



 Human Rights Watch has now invaded Kentucky and declared war on tobacco growers in general, by recommending-based on this report- that the federal government step in and prohibit the use of child and teenage labor in the tobacco growing industry-even on family farms, where growers children have traditionally worked as a way of learning the business many of them will eventually inherit.  

Granted, there have been instances of such things as "green tobacco sickness" and injuries in the course of working tobacco (the latter of which is true about just about any work involving teens, children, or adults) and there are also legitimate concerns about the use of undocumented immigrant labor, many of whom in some cases are (allegedly) children. 

But let's be plain. The main goal here is probably to dismantle the current tobacco industry, which by the time twenty or thirty years have passed will probably no longer exist as we know it today. What remains will probably be managed and controlled by giant agribusiness, which might well be the fate of all American and most international farming.

 If so, it would not be the first time this has happened regarding tobacco in Kentucky. It might however result in the same kind of chaos as The Black Patch Wars.

Of course, this ended only in part due to the violence, but also due to the fact that the ATC was found to be a monopoly, and thus illegal according to the Sherman Antitrust Act. The only way now to establish a monopoly, legally, would be to first dismantle the family farm system by making it wholly unprofitable and unpractical. 

A major step in accomplishing this objective might well be to forbid children of farmers from participation, and thereby from learning their families traditional craft which in some cases has been passed down through generations.


Friday, May 30, 2014



This is so ridiculous I'm not even sure how to take it, other than to say it's an obvious example of people jumping on the celebrity bashing bandwagon for new good reason. 

Cindy McCain and the Green Berets are the most obvious example of people feigning outrage at Gwynneth Paltrow's statement to the effect that her experience with internet trolls is akin to a war. 

Yet, amazingly, I have tried in vain to find any clue as to what Paltrow was referring to. No one seems ready to address the issue. 

I don't know whether it might have something to do with this, or maybe with this. 

It could also have something to do with her website. Or possibly her statement about working moms.

It could be any one or all of those things and more, but the point is, there's no way to know for sure exactly what got the ball rolling, and what specifically Paltrow was referring to. It seems to have disappeared from the net. I suppose you could find th original statement, in all its glorious context, but unfortunately it appears you are going to need something like this-


What I do know is Gwynneth Paltrow is being criticized for doing nothing more than invoking an allussion that almost every living adult has used at one time or another.

"It's like a war zone out there", or "I feel like I've been through a war", or, "it's World War Three". I could go on and on, but you get the message.

By the way, a couple of questions-

1. Since when did Internet trolling become such a minor thing in the minds of the average person? Is it alright to troll now if the person you're trolling is a celebrity whom you don't like?

2. Does anybody really believe that Cindy McCains sons had any serious problems achieving their respective ranks in the military, or that they otherwise had any of the typical problems facing an ordinary enlisted soldier?

3. If you're going to complain about what somebody said,, wouldn't it be somewhat polite to at least attempt to acknowledge their concerns, rather than acting as though they are incidental and not worthy of comment?

4. Isn't it about time we stopped jumping on these idiotic bandwagons, or at least started giving more thought to what we're doing, and saying, and going along with?

5. Is it possible this is just another example of politically correct speech run amoke?

I hate to burst you people's bubbles, but internet trolling or trashing Gwynneth Paltrow does not make you a patriot.   


No, it's not this guy

According to a recent poll of 1100 people, it was actually this fucking idiot-

And by a whopping huge margin at that. An unbelievable 92% of them decided this sad old bigot was more hate-worthy than Maddoff, Manson, or OJ, to name but a few in a long-list of noteworthy scoundrels and maniacs.

Actually, even though this old fart was recently adjudged as being mentally incapacitated, maybe he isn't so much of an idiot as we might like to think he is. He was forced to sell the Clippers, and did so, his wife negotiating the sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, for a staggering two billion dollars.

I have to wonder about the people in this poll, and about all of us. Aren't there worse things than Donald Sterling's old fashioned sexual hang-ups pertaining to black people? Granted, that's sad and idiotic enough, as I think I've pretty fairly explained in this earlier post. But more despicable than child sex predators, rapists, murderers, or people who prey on the weak and elderly?

The good news is there is somewhat of an acceptable explanation. None of all those other classes of evil are completely defined by one specific individual. 

Donald sterling, however, is the penultimate image of modern day racism, in the minds of the vast majority of Americans. By hating him, we are elucidating our hatred for the institution of racism.

And by the way, it's also our way of declaring ourselves cleansed from the ugly reality that it still exists in more places, and in more people, than we really care to admit.

It's a way of exorcising a demon, in other words-one that seems to never go away. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Andrew Dice Clay soundboard prank call to old black couple

Without a doubt the funniest fucking video I have ever heard.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


And with that tile I've pretty much given you a complete rundown on the reason Clippers owners Donald Sterling is upset that his girlfriend, a mixed race (black and Latina) woman is being seen publicly with Magic Johnson and other blacks. She even puts pictures of them on her Instagram. She has even been seen with them at Clipper's games. What's going on here?

Donald Sterling (a man I have never heard of, like most normal Americans-because we don't give a shit), wants you to think he is a strong, great, viral man, and his trophy girlfriend is supposed to be evidence to that effect. Look at them in this Sterling approved PR photo.

You're supposed to wish you could be like this man. You're not supposed to be tittering and laughing at him behind his back because his girlfriend is openly advertising the fact that she needs to get her sexual pleasure from another man. Especially a black man. 

She might as well say "Donald Sterling has a little dick and he wouldn't have satisfied me when I was eight, let alone now HAW HAW HAW HAW."

In fact, if you listen to the audio on the TMZ site, he pretty much gives her permission to fuck Magic Johnson or anybody else she wants to fuck, black or white. Just for God's sake, don't act like it in public.

Having said all that, I have to admit to disappointment and some outrage at this blatant invasion of privacy. But with these kinds of people, that goes with the territory. Lie down with dogs, and all that.

Still, as hard as it is to feel sorry for Donald Sterling, his idiot girlfriend, or his wife (who despite what she has said publicly is no doubt happy as hell that this has all come out, and who may have been instrumental in getting this story to TMZ), and granted that he is a public figure, still this was a private conversation between two adults in the presumed privacy of their own home.

No one that I know of has yet addressed this fact, and moreover, no one will to any real effect. And that's a bad sign for us, for our society, and for the ever-encroaching presence of the media within our lives, for whom nothing is sacred except their presumed right to know and tell everything about anybody and everybody, especially anybody that has fallen out of their favor or who can add to their profit margins.

If this had been a private couple of no particular standing or notoriety, we would be talking about 1984. Yet, as incidents like this become more and more commonplace, we can surely see that that fabled year is not that far into the future.


Saturday, April 26, 2014


It's been some time now since I've been able to blog with any kind of consistency, but I hope to have worked out the kinks in my schedule enough to be able to put more time into it-at least once a week, though probably not more than that.

 I'm also thinking of expanding my format to where there will be ten or more blogs under The Pagan Temple Blogazine umbrella. One of these is likely to be a music video blog, maybe one devoted to chiefly metal bands. 

For the time being, here's an example of what you'll be seeing  (recommended: put on full screen)

Sunday, January 26, 2014


And I have a sneaking suspicion she is going to be the next US Senator from the State of Kentucky. Her name is Allison Lundergan Grimes. And she is a Democrat. Does this bode well for Kentucky, for the Democrats, or even the Republicans in a co voluted, roundabout way? Drop over to The Mortal Goddess and read all about the latest political phenomenon who has Democrats across the country gushing with hope at the thought of finally dispensing with the highly unpopular Senator Mitch McConnell. In fact, this may be their best chance since-well, since fucking ever.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


And since like a magazine it has different pages and different departments, each one dealing with a different subject matter, it pleases me no end to announce the launching of The Mortal Goddess. We start this section off with the story of a young girl and former teen idol and pop star now entering the throes of adulthood. Somewhat passionate throes, it would seem.

Hop on over then and read all about the history of Miley Cyrus up to the present. Fair warning though, I have what might be considered harsh words for her detractors, as well as some of her supporters, such as they are, but also for Miley herself.  Hopefully she would take it as constructive criticism.


Get ready to stick a slicing prong in Chris fucking Christie, as he is about to be rotisseried.  If time and circumstances permit I will try to add a video of the up-coming "late-morning press conference" scheduled for today. I'm also going to try to do some research into just why it is that the Mayor of Fort Lee declined to support Christie's re-election bid, the alleged reason for the four days of lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, the Port Authority claiming the closings were a party of a "traffic study". This is political payback on an unheard of scale, which not only resulted in commuters being inexcusably inconvenienced, but endangered them as well..

As for those who contend that Christie was "misled" or that he had no knowledge of the incident, all you have to do is peruse the recently published e-mails among members of Christie's staff-including his deputy chief-of-staff-in order to gleam a hint of the culture of arrogance and entitlement permeating the governor's staff. Christie is engaging in a process of plausible deniability, but it just isn't-well, plausible.

The deputy chief-of-staff even complained-again, in an e-mail-when the New York side of the bridge ordered the closed lanes re-opened.

This is the kind of shit you get when you insist on big government. Whether the big government in question is run by democrats or republicans is really pretty irrelevant. There's something bad wrong with all these fucking people.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Well, Here We Go Again

Hopefully this outing on blogger will be more successful and more rewarding than the first one, or the subsequent one on Go-Daddy. Oh, and Happy New Year, and hope you enjoy the video.