Saturday, June 21, 2014


The country deserves better than being led, by the nose as it were, by the likes of Hillary Clinton.


I don't know if the defendant at the center of the child rape allegations was guilty or not. But I am reasonably sure that Hillary Clinton's savaging of the alleged child victim in defense of the accused was based on a turning of the political winds. Had this case happened two or three years earlier, Clinton would have probably savaged the defendant, because, well, that would have been the politically correct thing to do at that time. Later, after a series of allegations that were proven to be false, even manipulated by zealous social workers, people started to become understandably wary of such accusations.

Neither stance is correct. Both the accused and the accuser deserve their day in court. If the accuser is lying, then there's that. But if that is not the case, the accuser deserves sympathy, and even more than that, respect-especially if it's a child.

Whatever the case, the situation should be decided on the facts and the evidence, not the prevailing political or social mood at the time.

The really sad thing? Clinton didn't act that much differently than how most other politicians would have acted-though most of them would have hopefully displayed just a little more tact.

H/T Andrew Klaven